About Summer Reading

Welcome to the Library at St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Reading Circle. The Reading Circle hosts the library’s Summer Reading program. The 2013 program will run from June 3 – August 16. Read books. Win prizes.

The Summer Reading program is open to all members of the SMCM Library community including students, staff, faculty, alumni and residents of the Tri-County area (St. Mary’s, Calvert and Charles counties.) You may read anything you like as long as a copy is available at the SMCM Library, Southern Maryland Public Libraries (COSMOS) or via USMAI. You don’t need to check the book out of the library. To get points you must post a review on the blog. Note: If you work for the college your One Card is your library card.

The Rules:

  1. Select a book available from the SMCM Library, or via COSMOS or USMAI. The book may be fiction, non-fiction or a genre work, the choice is up to you.
  2. Read the book(s) between June 3 and August 16.
  3. Post a review to the SMCM Library Reading Circle Blog. Your review can be as short as a few  sentences or as long as you want. [See sample reviews.]
  4. No special registration is required. Your first review will serve as your registration.
  5. The more books you review the more prizes you can win.

The Prizes:

  1. Submit one review and win a book mark or mini puzzle.
  2. Submit three reviews and win a set of postcards or a refrigerator magnet.
  3. Submit five reviews and win a poster from Unshelved or a book.
  4. Submit seven reviews and win a tote bag, mug or a book + postcards.
  5. Submit 10 reviews and win a bag of library swag.
  6. Monthly prize drawings.
  7. Preview prize drawing.

Optional Reading Lists
You may read anything you like as long as it is available at SMCM or via USMAI or COSMOS but we thought we’d include some suggestions.

Please contact Pamela Mann.

The SMCM Library Reading Circle is modeled after the Community of Readers at the Chapman University Leatherby Libraries.

Submit your review or comments here.

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