Coffin in Fashion Gwendoline Butler

Coffin in FashionJust by reading this title, you’re probably thinking “How could a coffin be in fashion?” We’re not talking about something used to hold dead bodies during burial. It’s actually referring to a person named Coffin, John Coffin specifically. Coffin’s a detective at Scotland Yard. And, although the latest baffling case isn’t his to solve (three vanished boys have been found murdered) he becomes directly and emotionally involved. In fact, the case just kind of falls into his lap as all three bodies have been found buried underneath the floors in his house, which he had just purchased from a woman named Rose Hilaire.

There are four main suspects in this case: Uncle Mosse, who was the previous owner of the house and died in it; Rose Hilaire, the woman who sold the house to Coffin and the owner of Belmodes (where a cupboard has been uncovered which was full of one of the victim’s blood) who also suffers from blackouts and has a vivid nightmare of seeing one of the boy’s being murdered; Steve Hilaire, son of Rose who mysteriously had the boots of Ephraim Humphreys (the latest boy to be murdered) in his gym bag; and Gabriel, a clothing designer working for Rose who would try just about anything to push Rose out of the way to own a factory like Belmodes. The case is full of twists and turns, in which nothing and no one is as they seem. The book keeps you guessing until the very end, which may surprise you.

Overall, I thought this book was enjoyable and easy to read. It was not the best mystery book I ever read, but it was a great way to pass the time.

Availability: USMAI
Review Submitted by: Marissa Parlock
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