Emma by Jane Austen

9780143106463_Emma_ClaDlx.inddI have found that after a while, Austen’s works show similar characteristics again and again with plots that are often simple enough to make any summary seem quite dull. For instance, Emma follows its heroine as she sets up matches through the town, falls in and out of love herself, until eventually settling with the man she loves most. But even though the plot does not scream adventure, this Austen novel is well worth the read because of the characters.

From Mrs. Elton, the mysterious wife brought to town by the clergyman, to Miss Bates who literally talks for pages, to Mr. Knightly, one of my favorite Austen hero’s, to Emma herself, whose naïvety to the world and blunders would seem off-putting in many, but charming in her, this novel is full of characters that you will fall in love with, or love to hate. Emma’s world at Highbury is brought so much to life, that you really hate to leave the people after the last page.

Availability: SMCM, COSMOS, USMAI
Review Submitted by: Lauren Grey
Rating: Highly Recommended

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