Stitches by David Small

StichesStitches is a quick read. A graphic novel that came out in 2009, Stitches left me speechless—much like the character, David Small himself, becomes. Six year-old David is subjected to radiation therapy by his father, a doctor, in the early ’50s, the norm for sickly children to treat asthma and other breathing problems. When David is 11, a lump is discovered on his neck. Treatment is pushed back, and it is hidden from David that the lump is actually cancer—a product of years of radiation by his father. This discovery changes his life and puts a further strain on his already horrible relationship with his parents. This story and the side stories illustrated in the book are fantastically executed and reminiscent of other great coming-of-age graphic novels I’ve read.

Availability: SMCM
Review Submitted by: Jordan Gaines
Rating: Highly Recommended

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