Worry: Controlling It and Using it Wisely by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Worry: Controlling It and Using it WiselyEver on the hunt for something to appease my nerves for grad school, I picked up this book on a whim from the library. I know that I worry more than the average person; sometimes I appreciate that it keeps me alert and vigilant, but I also know that it distracts and stresses me. This book was simple and readable, with lots of stories of anonymous patients as examples. It was hard for me to get through the book because I could see certain bits of each example in myself, and sometimes it…well, worried me. The last chapter offers 50 ways to combat worry in its tracks, ways to form new habits and hopefully, eventually, “re-wire” the brain. Although an interesting and potentially helpful book, the most important aspect I took from it was confidence to know it’s okay to seek help or talk to another person when feeling overwhelmed…which most of us already know, right?

Availability: USMAI
Review Submitted by: Jordan Gaines
Rating: Recommended

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