Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire

Rabbit HoleContinuing in my recent obsession with reading plays, Rabbit Hole presents a heart-wrenching picture of moving on after the death of a child. This play drops you in the center of the action several months after the death of Becca and David’s 4 year old son. Though he gives very little stage direction, one of the most important notes Lindsay-Abaire makes is that actors must avoid sentimentality at all costs. While the play grapples with loss, anguish, and bereavement, it is not full of tears. Instead, Lindsay-Abaire gives you a real picture of the almost cruel way life must go on after the death of a child. As you can easily guess, while I think the work is amazing, it is not for the faint hearted. Lindsay-Abaire’s dialogue refuses to ever give the audience a complete picture of the characters emotions and leaves the audience with questions rather than resolution. It is the type of read that stays with you long after you finish the last scene and opens up a clear insight into life after loss. However, if you’re want to have a quick read that will leave you thinking, I highly recommend Rabbit Hole.

Availability: USMAI
Review Submitted by: Lauren Grey
Rating: Highly Recommended

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