Watership Down by Richard Adams

Waterhip DownYes, this is the book about the rabbits. But, it is better than it sounds, really. It is an epic tale, in which a bunch of rabbits escape certain destruction of their home and embark on an adventure to find a new one. The rabbits were living peacefully in their warren (like a collection of rabbit holes), when one of the rabbits, Fiver, gets a premonition that the entire warren is in danger. So, he goes with his brother, Hazel, to the head rabbit to warn him and organize an evacuation. Because they are both considered outcasts, as they are small and are not part of the warrior league known as the Owsla, they are not taken seriously and dismissed. Fiver insists something is going to happen, so he and Hazel make plans to leave that night. They are joined by other rabbits, mostly outcasts, but a few members of the Owsla looking for some adventure. They then set off to found their own warren, encountering dangers along the way, such as a 1984-esque warren led by the ruthless and bloodthirsty General Woundwort and countless elil (any animal they consider an enemy). But, what I really enjoyed was how the author gave the rabbits a culture, complete with their own language and belief-system. Overall, It is a great, well-written novel that I highly recommend everyone read.

Availability: USMAI
Review Submitted by: Marissa Parlock
Rating: Highly Recommended

One thought on “Watership Down by Richard Adams

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