Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Hard TimesHard Times was another required read for school that I never actually read, but decided to give it another chance. I actually enjoyed reading this book, and found it to be interesting. It is about a man named Gradgrind, who raises his family to think that FACTS are the only things important to life. Anything that does not make literal sense (such as putting wallpaper up that has horses on it because you cannot literally wallpaper a room with horses), is forbidden. The oldest of his children, Tom and Louisa, know deep down there is more to life than FACTS, but dare not to try and change anything. That is, until Sissy Jupe enters the family household. The daughter of a traveling circus performer, she is abandoned to by her father and becomes Gradgrind’s latest charity case. He believes that he could show her the importance of FACTS. Unfortunately, Gradgrind’s carefully constructed world begins to fall apart until all the characters realize there is more to live than just adhering to FACTS.

Availability: USMAI
Review Submitted by: Marissa Parlock
Rating: Recommended

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