Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox

Lucky ManLearning about the neurobiology of Parkinson’s disease (P.D.) in one of my graduate classes—coupled with my re-discovery of the Back to the Future trilogy—compelled me to pick up Michael J. Fox’s memoir Lucky Man at the library. The book begins with Fox emerging from a hangover (a common occurrence) when he notices his left pinkie trembling uncontrollably. He tries shutting it in a drawer; it stops for a few seconds, then commences beating against the wood. This “resting tremor,” one of the first signs of P.D., already marks 70% of disease progression. The book goes back to Fox’s childhood up until the time of his writing (late ’90s), detailing the peak of his career, his self-described downfall, where P.D. fit into his timeline—and how it actually “saved” him, in a way. Michael J. Fox’s writing is excellent, and he had a fascinating story to tell. I recommend this book for Fox fans, those curious about P.D., or anyone who’s interested in reading good writing (that should cover about all the bases)!

Availability: USMAI
Review Submitted by: Jordan Gaines, Alum ’11
Rating:  Highly recommended

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