Bossypants by Tina Fey

BossypantsI listened to Bossypants as an audiobook on my way to work and spent every commute laughing out loud. In her autobiography, Tina Fey discusses the significant moments of her life from childhood to writing this book and it is packed full of Fey’s wit and ingenious humor. From her Improve Rules to Live By to her thoughts on what is needed for true equality between men and women, Fey is able to cloak deep and powerful ideas in light humor. While Fey is clearly a feminist, I think that any fan of Tina Fey’s, male or female, will enjoy this book.

I also highly recommend listening to this as an audiobook, where Fey makes full use of the media with special comments and jokes that are added specifically for listeners.

Availability: SMCM Library and COSMOS (audiobook)
Review Submitted by: Lauren Grey, SMCM Alumn ’11
Rating: Must Read

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