And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

And the Mountains EchoedLet me start by saying that this is the first book I’ve read of Hosseini’s. This perhaps is an advantage for me as I don’t have anything to compare it to — unbiased, if you will. That being said, I absolutely loved it. I fell in love with its many characters but found myself angered by them as well: their decisions, their lives, how things didn’t go the way they were supposed to. I found myself getting upset with Hosseini for robbing me of my picturesque image of how their lives should have played out.

Though, now that I have just finished it, I understand that life doesn’t always work out the way its supposed to. Rarely does it play out the way you had imagined. At times, the characters will placidly accept their fates or their lives for what they were or have become. I think there is a strong sense of realism seen in his portrayal of this — albeit frustrating at times.

I’ve read in other reviews that some were frustrated that Hosseini bounced so much between characters and POV, but I thought that he did it very effectively. The characters decisions and their lives do seem to echo in each others lives — I think this ties back into the title. He even at times commenting on it throughout the narrative as if he anticipates his readers questions or restlessness.

Overall, I loved reading the book. It has been a while since I couldn’t put a book down and this definitely held my attention. I think I will read his other two novels next!

Availability: COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Melanie Gilkerson
Rating: Highly recommended

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