The Manga Guide to Biochemistry by Masaharu Takemura, Kikuyaro, Office Sawa

Manga Guide to BiochemistryThis is quite a good book for learning about plants, how food is processed, and about the basis of electrochemical energy and biochemistry, however it leaves a lot to be desired. If you are planning on taking a class on biochemistry in the future, this would probably a good book to get started with. It leaves a lot of information out and is basically targeted towards middle school age students, but, again, it’s fine as an intro. If you want to get some serious learning done, go find another book, because this doesn’t teach ya a whole lot (and some of the information is incorrect, but is “correct enough” for beginners).

TL;DR: It’s okay for newbies, but don’t take it seriously.

Availability: SMCM Library
Review Submitted by: Matthew “cool shirt, bro” Lachkovic
Rating: Recommended with Reservations

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