Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight ClubI simply must break the first rule of Fight Club to talk about what a great book it was. A novel filled with anarchy and psychological disturbances written in a choppy style, Fight Club never failed to engage me and intrigue me. The narrator, who remains nameless, chronicles the story of himself, his friend Tyler Durden, and Tyler’s lover Marla Singer. The narrator, who suffers from insomnia and will do anything for a good night’s sleep, meets Marla at a support group for cancer that neither of them have, and their complicated relationship develops throughout the novel from sheer hate to some kind of messed up affection.

When the narrator meets Tyler, however, is when things heat up: one drunken night in a bar the two promise to hit each other as hard as they can, thus engaging in the first fight of the Fight Club that they will famously found. Fight Club escalates faster than the narrator could imagine as he finds himself in the midst of a web of anarchy and conspiracy that soon becomes too powerful to stop. With Fight Club expanding beyond control, the narrator’s turmoil and unease grows until a surprising twist at the end reveals the truth behind the founding of Fight Club.

A captivating read with surprises in every chapter, I would recommend Fight Club to anyone looking for a fast-paced thriller or a book laden with fascinating psychological unrest.

Availability: SMCM Library, USMAI and COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Brianna Glase
Rating: Must Read

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