Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge.

I began with challenge H:  The book I chose was Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. I was able to find it easily on Cosmos as it is a new YA release. I found the book searching re-tellings of Beauty and the Beast. I was curious to see if any re-tellings were similar Robin McKinley’s novels Beauty and Rose Daughter. I did not find a kindred spirit in Cruel Beauty. As I read the inner jacket I was intrigued when the synopsis mentioned the protagonist would fall in love with the man she was raised to kill. I imagined a powerful dark prince yet what I received was a scrawny red eyed cat-pupiled “villain”. Sounded a little too much like a 12 year old’s Deviantart character. As the story went on and on I stopped caring half way through only being perked up when her new cat-eyed husband would make an appearance to grin mischievously. The book was far too complex and not interesting enough for me to care. If you want a beautiful re-telling of Beauty and the Beast or even a beautiful romance at all don’t look to this novel. Would not at all recommend.

Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Nico Logan
Rating: Not Recommended
Challenge: A book written by someone under 30

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