Dressed to Die: A Lindsay Chamberlain Novel by Beverly Connor

Dressied to Die

How have I never heard of this author/character before?! I got this book for $.10 at the Lexington Park library perpetual book sale several weeks ago and didn’t know what a treasure I had found until I read the first page. As a recovering archaeologist myself, I am always skeptical of a character who purports to be an archaeologist, proceeding to use incorrect terminology, committing sins against science, and generally being nothing but a glorified treasure hunter. This book is the real thing–a genuine, accurate archaeologist! Well, sure, she does some stupid things in her pursuit of a murderer, but she stays true to archaeology throughout. Author’s Notes at the very beginning indicate that Connor might herself be an archaeologist on staff at the University of Georgia. In any case, it was an interesting, authentic read and I will seek out other books by this author, now that I’ve found her! Enjoy!

Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Jane Kostenko
Rating: Highly Recommended
Challenge: A book published by an independent press (Cumberland House, Nashville, TN)

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