The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice

The Wolves of MidwinterI really, really enjoyed reading this book! If you enjoy reading about wolves and such, then you’ll really enjoy this book. Plus, Anne Rice did a GREAT job! The Wolves of Midwinter is the second book in the series, The Wolf Gift Chronicles. What I loved the most is that the Wolves are not depicted as those we’ve seen in past books and movies … as savages tearing into everyone and everything with reckless abandon. These wolves are very thought-provoking and conscientious human/wolves. They are troubled in that they are torn between morphing in and out of their wolf state. If you decide to read them, start with the Wolf Gift first. I’m hoping Anne Rice is putting together a third book in this series …  the end of book two makes you want more.

Availability: COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Tracie E. Cole
Rating: Recommended

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