The Grand Finale by Janet Evanovich

The Grand Finale

If you read my blog last year about my feelings toward Janet Evanovich, you know I think of her writing as unrealistically cartoonish and her plots to be completely unbelievable. So I’m a slow learner and read another of her books. In truth, they are fine for summer reading (as long as no one whose respect you crave sees the author). This book is strictly a romance, something I hadn’t realized when I bought it at the used book sale (Evanovich has a romping series going with a female bounty hunter), but this book had some interesting twists, characters who were almost believable, and a fun ending.

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Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Jane Kostenko
Rating:  Recommended
Challenge: A book you finished in a day (Did I say day? I meant an hour…)

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