Star of Light by Patricia St. John

Star of Light
Star of Light is about a boy named Hamid who lives in Thursday village. His father Si Mohammed decides that Kinza (Hamid’s blind little sister) is useless for the farm and wants to sell her to a beggar. Hamid’s mother has a plan to take Kinza to a woman who will take care of her. Hamid sets out on this dangerous mission hiding from his father so that they won’t get caught. Hamid finally reaches the village and gives Kinza to the woman. He starts working at a doughnut shop to make money. He joins this band of boys who live on the street and eat dinner at the woman’s house every night. This woman is a missionary and teaches these boys about Christ. Hamid’s father finds Kinza and takes her back to the village. Rosemary (the missionary) goes to Thursday village to get her back. Her father hides Kinza, but Rosemary calls out her name and she comes out of hiding. In the end, Kinza goes to England with Rosemary’s niece to attend a blind school. This is a great story that I think children of all ages will enjoy.

Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Leah Sours
Rating: Recommended

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