Ten Miles Past Normal by Frances O’Roark Dowell

Ten Miles Past NormalThis book is about Janie, a girl going into high school. It’s the typical school story where someone is trying to fit in. But there is a twist, Janie lives on a miniature farm. With her thinking that there is no hope that she is ever going to get a boyfriend she joins the Jam band trying to impress this boy named Jeremy. When he offers to drive her home she finds out about the kind of boy he is when he makes her pay for gas. She then starts hanging out with Monster, another boy from the band. For a book report she goes to see Mr. Pritcher, who dies in his sleep later in the book. He took part in the freedom school teaching black people how to read and write so they can vote. I like this story very much and I recommend it. Another one of Dowell’s books is Chicken Boy which I also own. However I didn’t think it was as good as Ten Miles Past Normal.

Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Leah Sours
Rating: Recommended

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