Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie

Ancillary Sword
Ancillary Sword
continues the story of the ancillary soldier, Breq, immediately after the resolution of Ancillary Justice. Like Ancillary Justice, this book continues to dive deep into the Imperial Radch universe. The world building is still top-notch. Unfortunately this book gets bogged down by multiple subplots of intrigue and political maneuvering. Alongside her own storyline, Breq ‘observes’ two other storylines. These separate plots seem mostly unnecessary and have very little effect on the main story. Once again, Leckie leaves all the action for the final pages of the book. In this case though, the slow pacing makes it a slog to even get there.

Availability:  COSMOS,
Review Submitted by: Andrew Polgreen
Rating:  Recommended

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