Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential
Imagine The Wolf of Wall Street (quaaludes and all) set in many different (but equally loud, dirty, and testosterone-fueled) kitchens. That’s it, that’s the book! If you’re up for learning about the unseen side of professional (and not-so-professional) kitchens, if you’re a chef with an attitude, or if you like Bourdain’s TV shows (No Reservations, The Layover, and Parts Unknown – all of which I highly recommend to travel/culture enthusiasts with a disdain for the touristy) and want to know more about his background, I say go for it. If you think Bourdain is a jerk (which I could see, although I personally–usually–find him hilarious), if you’re squeamish about drugs, or if you would rather eat without knowing where it comes from, skip it. Fellow vegetarians/vegans, as long as you can handle being called “an affront to decency,” you’ll find something to love about this carnivore’s memoir.

Availability:  USMAI and COSMOS
Review Submitted by:  Molly McGowan
Rating: Highly Recommended

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