Bittersweet by Susan Wittig Albert

BittersweetThis is the 23rd book in the China Bayles series. China was a high-priced, high-powered white collar defense attorney in a large Texas law firm. One day she looked in the mirror, couldn’t find her soul, cashed in her 401K, bought a small building in the Hill Country of Texas, and opened a herbal shop where she sell anything herbal. As the series progresses, she finds her soul and rents half of the building to Ruby Wilcox, a sometimes psychic who sells all things mystical.

This book is set at Thanksgiving and China is going to spend the holiday with her mother and stepfather at their ranch in Uldeval County. The county is home to several large game ranches where the ranchers build high fences, stock the ranch with exotic and non-native species, and charge hunters lots of money to come and shoot an animal for a trophy. The book explores the impact of non-native species (whether plant or animal) on an environment, the impact to the native animal population of cross-breeding non-native species for size (the bigger the animal, the bigger the trophy), the economics and moral issues of the game ranches, and the use of drones (a group of animal rights activists who are using a drone to film the “hunts” accidentally film a murder). China, assisted by her friend a game warden, take on the bad guys but not before the body count grows. Throughout the book, tidbits of herbal knowledge are embedded. Good read but the subject matter of game ranches and shooting an animal for a trophy was disturbing.

Availability: COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Rosalind Woolbright
Rating:  Recommended. If you are a fan of the series, Highly Recommended.
Challenge: Book published in 2015

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