DragonBane by Sherrilyn Kennyon

DragonbaneAgain Mrs Kennyon does not disappoint. This book focuses on Max the attic dragon of Sanctuary. As with all of The Dark Hunter series there is the obligatory romance, this one a lot less explicit than they normally are.

Oh and spoiler, a God (or Goddess or multiple deities) makes a really bad decision when angry. Lol big spoiler right 😊. Armageddon may be nigh.

I stayed up way to late and finished Dragonbane in less than 24 hours. . . . More like 11. You know the book is great when you begrudge getting meals because you’re not allowed to read at the table.

Availability: COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Rebecca Lamaster
Rating: Highly Recommended
Challenge: A book finished in a day.

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