Murder 101 by Faye Kellerman

Murder 101Peter Decker, Kellerman’s detective in this series, has retired from the Los Angeles police department and moved to upstate New York with his wife Rena Lazarus, to be near their children. Bored, he takes a job with the Greenbury Police Department. Nothing exciting happens until one very cold night he answers a call about a break-in at a mausoleum. His “partner” Tyler McAdams, is a Harvard graduate who has been accepted to Harvard Law School but so far has refused to enroll, much to the dismay of his wealthy and socially prominent father. Tyler discovers that two of the Tiffany stained glass window panels in the mausoleum have been replaced with forgeries. Later the coed who constructed the forgeries is found murdered. More deaths follow. The book delves into the world of art theft, fraud and forgeries and of disputed ownership of art that was looted during World War II. Decker and Rena are observant Jews so the reader learns about Judaism. This is one book where the reader doesn’t need to read the series to understand and enjoy the book.

Availability: COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Rosalind Woolbright
Rating:  Highly Recommended (and the series)

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