Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Fangirl follows the story of a girl, Cather Avery, as she and her twin sister Wren (get it? Cather-Wren?) start college. However, Cath is not like every other girl; she secretly writes Simon Snow fan fiction that receives thousands of hits online. But once Cath gets to school, she has to learn to juggle her damaged relationship with Wren with schoolwork, boys, her estranged mother, her sick father, and still find time to update her fanfic blog.

I started reading about Cath’s first year in college coincidentally this summer after my first year at SMCM; I found that we had many things in common and had to learn how to deal with the same kinds of problems that popped up. It was comforting to know that someone, even though she may not be real, felt the same struggles I did. And isn’t that one of the points of reading, anyway? To get lost in another world, to find pieces of yourself in every character? That’s what Cath seems to do in the Simon Snow books. And that’s what Rainbow Rowell was able to do for me.

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Availability:  COSMOS, and USMAI
Review Submitted by:  Jessie Vislay
Rating:  Highly Recommended
Challenge: A book with a one word title

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