Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

Journey to the Center of the Earth

I’ve always been curious about the writings of Jules Verne, ever since I first saw the Back to the Future movies and Doc expressed his love of the author. Several weeks ago, I enjoyed Around the World in 80 Days and was absolutely thrilled and enthralled by the story and writing. I went into this novel excited and with high hopes. I was slightly disappointed, to be completely honest. So much of the story was serious and the thoughts of the characters and their overly consuming singular traits were bothersome. Each of the main characters could be easily defined by a single word: obsessive, fickle, or persevering.

Despite all of this, I don’t mean to say that it was a bad novel. I actually enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, there were so many little things that consistently irritated me (which could either be because of how much I enjoyed the previous novel or the stress of starting a new job projecting onto an innocent novel). If you are a science or fact-based person, I would highly recommend this book. Even if you are not, I would still recommend it, but would urge you that the main character is likely to make you want to smack him on occasion.

Availability:  SMCM, COSMOS, and USMAI
Review Submitted by:  Breanna Thorne
Rating:  Recommended
Challenge: A translated book

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