Noah’s Compass by Anne Tyler

Noah's CompassI don’t really know what I expected before reading this book. I needed something to read as my family drove 12 hours home from visiting family in Michigan; the day before our trek home, I was able to stop in Barnes and Noble to grab something to read on the ride home. I picked this book up at complete random, I barely read the back of the book, which didn’t sound too bad at a glance, and I bought it.

Well, this is one of the most boring books I’ve read in a while. This book is about a man who is 60 years old or so and just got fired from his job of being a fifth grade teacher. The man wanted to be a philosopher, but as a result of decades of teaching young boys instead, has little personality, and lives with no family. One night, his new apartment gets broken into, and he ends up in the hospital with no recollection of the event. This book follows the man (Liam) as he struggles to find someone who can help him with his memory issues. With some Christian references thrown here and there (hence the name Noah’s Compass), a book about an old man with a dull life does not really interest me. The book keeps the same dull tone throughout the novel; I wish I had spent on my money on a more intriguing book.

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Availability: SMCM, USMAI, COSMOS,
Review Submitted by: Reilly Cook
Rating: Not Recommended

One thought on “Noah’s Compass by Anne Tyler

  1. Kelly Smolinsky

    I read Noah’s Compass recently and had similar thoughts. Perhaps I didn’t read carefully enough, but I had a hard time figuring out why the author chose that title. The characters–even Liam, who should have been more fleshed out–seemed very one-dimensional. And I didn’t find that Liam had enough of a change of attitude or behavior to merit writing a book about him. In short–what was the point of this book?


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