The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief

Honestly, this book is a must for any and all Greek mythology nerds (or any mythology nerds in general really). I saw the movie years ago and thought that it was alright, but now I completely agree with their large Percy Jackson fandom (highly prevalent on social media platforms, such as Tumblr), that the movie did not do the book the justice that it deserves (shocking, I know). It is the perfect book, in my opinion, to get younger readers interested in history and mythology. For an art history student who attempted to write a novel for her SMP, this book was actually really inspiring and has given me quite a few ideas for my own writing. The writing was easy to follow despite the fast-paced story line and characters and plot were very enjoyable. Most importantly, though, the mythology references were wonderful.

Availability: COSMOS, & USMAI
Submitted by: Breanna Thorne
Rating: Highly Recommended

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