The Biology of Luck by Jacob M. Appel

Biology of LuckThis was a cute little book-within-a-book–the main character, Larry, writes a novel whose chapters are embedded within the chapters of his own story. Larry’s the sort of character you feel sorry for–in love with a woman who’s clearly out of his league, has a job as a tour guide, has written a novel which he’s sure is going to win him the woman’s heart once he hears back from the publisher he’s sent it to. The descriptions of his day leading his Dutch tourists around New York City are hilarious. The book within the book, about the love of his life (Starshine) is a little less interesting; Starshine is very self-centered and therefore much less sympathetic. The ending is a cliffhanger, which I hate (what, is it a crime now for authors to write a definitive, satisfying ending??) but I give the book a “Highly Recommend.”

Availability:  SMCM, COSMOS, USMAI
Review Submitted by: Kelly Smolinksy
Rating: Highly Recommended

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