The Bilbao Looking Glass by Charlotte MacLeod

The Bilboa Looking Glass

During each of these summer reading challenges, I end up reading a woefully old book and then I get (unreasonably) frustrated by how out-of-date the techniques are for solving the murder mystery. Though this book’s copyright is 1983 (an excellent year, IMHO, that can’t possibly be 33 years ago), the writing is simply so good that I never once wondered how much quicker the mystery would have been solved if widow Sarah Kelling and her boarder Max Bittersohn had used the internet or had cell phones or… Simply put, Charlotte MacLeod is a writer who uses observation and human psychology to find her way to the who done it part of the story. Some characters are a bit over the top but the book is still an enjoyable read with a surprising end. Take a step back in time and enjoy some excellent writing without an abundance of gore.

Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Jane Kostenko
Rating: Highly  Recommended

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