Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich

Lean Mean ThirteenThe “reservations” I noted in my lukewarm recommendation come from the vapid stupidity and the sheer unbelievability that is any one of the books in this series. Once a year, in the summer, I give my brain the chance to coast while reading a Stephanie Plum book. The series’ characters are so ridiculous that I think I’m actually insulting summer reading everywhere by indulging. As a bounty hunter, Stephanie is a failure. As humans, so are most of the other characters. Made into a movie in 2012, the first in this series was so spectacularly panned that I feel rather righteous in buying these as books for $.10 at yard sales and reading them out of order (instead of shelling out real movie to watch it in the theaters). Anyhow, if you haven’t started this series, don’t. If you have, please get help–after I do, of course.

Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Jane Kostenko
Rating:  Recommended with reservations
Challenge : A book with a number in the title

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