Nemesis by Jo Nesbø


Nemesis is the first book I’ve read by Nesbø, though clearly the main character in this book (Detective Harry Hole) is a recurring one, so I plan to pick up more of his work in the future. Hole and another investigator, Beate Lonn, begin the book by trying to crack a series of bank robberies, the first of which resulted in the murder of a bank teller. In a seemingly unrelated side story, a former girlfriend of Hole’s commits suicide and he’s assigned to investigate the case. Throughout the fast-paced story, the two plots come together and take so many wonderful twists that it requires a careful read to keep up. Great characters, lots of suspense, and a satisfying ending: A “must read” for anyone who loves crime fiction!

Availability:  COSMOS, SMCM
Review Submitted by: Kelly Smolinsky
Rating: Must Read

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