Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury

Zen in the Art of Writing

Ray Bradbury holds a place in my heart for being one of my favorite authors of all time. His work inspired me to always believe in myself and my creativity and to never give up when it comes to reading and writing. This book is sure to motivate you to push yourself to write, whether you’re an everyday writer or you just scribble in a journal here-and-there writer. His writing style keeps you captivated and on your toes, he is unpredictable and practically self-taught from growing up in libraries and writing every day since he was very young.

This is not a “how to write” book, but rather an explanation on why we write to stay alive, and why everybody should write as much as they can. Writing is not just a technical aspect of language, but an expressive one; a writer’s first priority should always be to get their thoughts and words out, and then focus on perfect grammar/technical aspects of writing last. I’ll always think of Bradbury while creative writing and remind myself that writing is free and uplifting, as long as you do it from the heart.

Availability:  COSMOS, USMAI
Review Submitted by:  Reilly Cook
Rating:  Highly Recommended

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