Expecting to Die by Lisa Jackson

Expecting to Die

This is a fun beach read. Expecting to Die is another Alvarez and Pescoli novel. The two female detectives have their hands full with a dead, pregnant high school student, a Big Foot sighting, and reality show being filmed in Grizzly Falls. Not to mention Detective Pescoli is pregnant and due any day and her teenage daughter is caught up everything. It’s a good story and shows the lengths some people will go to be famous for more than 15 minutes. The bodies start piling up and you will be suspecting just about everyone before the truth is revealed. In this book, Ms. Jackson focuses more on the Detective Pescoli. Detective Alvarez is not as prominent in the story line.


Availability: COSMOS
Reviewed by: Lynette Starke
Rating: Recommend
Challenge: Published in 2017

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