Green: The Beginning and the End by Ted Dekker


I was I interested in reading Ted Dekker’s Circle series after learning that it can be read with Green as either the first or last book of the series. I started with Green because it was listed as “book 0” (and more importantly it was immediately available at the library). It is a fantasy that pits good against evil and takes place in both present time and the future (possibly after 4036 based on the prologue).

I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed the book more with a different starting book or if I just didn’t like the book. I had trouble relating to the characters and their actions, this may be due to the ambitious premise of the book/series and relating actions in the other books. I’m not saying that the book wasn’t enjoyable at all; I enjoyed the connection between the timelines, the symbolism (I’m not literary enough to identify/understand it all, but it can be fun to think about), and some of the action. I will give the next book in the series (or maybe I should say the first book in the series) a chance because I still find the idea fascinating


Availability:  COSMOS
Review Submitted by: Andy Ashenfelter
Rating: Recommended with reservations
Challenge: Book with a color in the title

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