Boar Island by Nevada Barr

I’ve missed you, Nevada Barr! Your wit, your clever use of words (including a new one: olio), your steadfast attention to detail. I accidentally checked this book out in large print (no reading glasses necessary!) so it was 583 pages long, but I still raced through it, refreshed as I was by the story-telling that […]

13 1/2 by Nevada Barr

This was a departure from the normal Nevada Barr “Anna Pigeon, national parks ranger” series. It was a divergent tale of lives that ultimately intertwine in typical murderous ways. If you’re a fan of Nevada Barr’s crisp writing, you’ll enjoy this book! Availability:  COSMOS Review Submitted by: James Tyler Bell Rating: Must Read Challenge: A book […]

Borderline by Nevada Barr

I’m doing some binge reading to catch up with recent Nevada Barr books. The last two were not enjoyable, but with Borderline, Nevada Barr is back at her finest! The storyline is riveting, the descriptions of Big Bend National Park are alluring, but–most importantly–the heroine has re-found her humor and the author is almost playful […]